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Do you really know your customers?

Have you been in business for a while and had some success? Do you feel like you “know” what the customer wants and thinks about their experience? Are you depending on your gut for that knowledge?

After I was in the hospitality industry for more than 15 years, I figured, if I didn’t “know” what the customer wanted, who did?

I was wrong. It was only after I did the research, shopping my customers (and my own company representatives) that I realized the untapped opportunities to grow my business.

What We Can Do

With your input, we will develop a shopper scenario and competitive set.  After we complete the secret shopping, you'll receive a thorough report in a format you want.  Our clients appreciate that these reports include recommendations that they can start using right away.  Furthermore, they use them for training topics for their sales and customer service team. 


What You'll Receive

  • With some secret shopper companies, you receive a lot of "fluff" that you don't need or want.

  • Insight into your competition will give you the knowledge to effectively sell against them.

  • Because focused training topics are illuminated, resources (time & money) are spent where they can make the most impact.


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