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Partner with High Impact², Inc. to keep customer satisfaction and audit scores high. Give you and your sales team a competitive edge by knowing how competitors are treating guests. Let’s make sure a new sales team member will deliver the level of customer service you desire before you hire them. Find out how your pricing compares to the competition. Engage your team in training that is interactive and results oriented! A menu of services follow. Let’s talk about how we can impact in your world today!


Secret Shopping – Based on the service areas of the guest experience leadership would like shopped, we work together to customize a survey to be completed by a secret shopper on site. In addition, a narrative summary of the experience is provided. This is a great opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of training efforts as well as to identify areas in which to focus training resources. You choose the profile of the shopper(s) i.e. midweek corporate traveler, female business traveler, family etc. With so much of hotel’s performance based on the guest experience, it can be helpful to get feedback in addition to the franchise audit. You receive a very detailed report which is a combination of surveys using numerical ratings and narratives.

Competition Analysis – Using an event inquiry scenario, which you would approve, a High Impact² representative shops your competitors. Acquiring information regarding competitor response times, pricing and the overall quality of the experience is beneficial as your sales team competes against them. You receive completed surveys, allowing for easy comparisons as well as narrative information providing more in depth comment.  Choose from a remote shop or on-site engagement.

Secret Shopping Your Team - A High Impact² representative shops your sales team on one of two levels.

Level 1, the shop involves a simple inquiry, where the manager’s performance is measured via a phone conversation and is based on key items of interest to you.

Level 2, the shop measures performance using an event scenario you approve. This is a more extensive shop involving multiple phone calls and/or emails and extends to the request for proposal.


Sales Coaching – Do you have a person on the team who needs just a little coaching to reach his/her full selling potential? Maybe you think the team would benefit from some coaching in a specific area. From prospecting to making the sales call to effective follow up, we offer coaching, just where you need it.  Choose from coaching completed via phone and email or on-site.

Sales Marketing Plan – It may be a productive exercise to step back and have your plan reviewed by someone not close to day-to-day operations. Given my experience, I could offer fresh suggestions and insight. Perhaps help in creating a strong set of sales action plans is needed in order to realize the marketing plan goals.

Choose from: Full Marketing Plan with Sales Action Plans; Team Brainstorming Workshop; Sales & Marketing Plan Review & Recommendations


Recruiting Support – Get a feel for how your guests will be treated by your perspective Sales Manager or DOS before you hire him/her. Based on criteria important to you, your potential new SM/DOS will be shopped using an inquiry scenario. You receive a written narrative and a link to review and download the phone call. This is a great way to access responsiveness and the overall guest experience as a consideration in the hiring decision.

Workshops – As a 20+ veteran of the hospitality industry, a Certified Hotel Administrator and an university Marketing Professor, I have at my disposal the resources and knowledge to create customized workshops that will engage team members in a meaningful way that will have a positive impact on your bottom line.


Event Facilitator – I’ve improved organizational productivity as a facilitator at retreats and strategic planning meetings. It’s helpful to have someone from outside the organization keep the experience on track and draw out comments from all participants in a spirit of open communication.


Leadership – Whether organizational or community succession planning is important to you, High Impact², Inc. can provide the training necessary to prepare future leaders. We can lend a hand to your team as needed or fully develop and execute the training.

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