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Use an iceberg to tackle your challenges.

Use an iceberg to solve my challenges? Perhaps you feel like an ice pack for your head seems more appropriate! Let High Impact2, Inc. explain how something called the iceberg principle can actually create an awareness that will lead to effective problem solving. When faced with a challenge, remember that you are reacting to what you see… the tip of the iceberg. Often what lies beneath the surface is the source of the true problem. Let’s look at an example. This month’s financial statements are starting to confirm an alarming trend. Sales are down. This is starting to impact cash flow and something needs done. Leadership gathers the sales team to discuss the challenge. New sales goals are implemented. The heat is turned up in that department, as it should be. However, consider that you are seeing just 1/10 of the challenge, declining sales. Delve below the surface to discover the real and often uncomfortable issues causing the challenge to break through to the surface and become noticeable. Contributing factors may be tied to the product, personnel and environmental factors. All of which can be messy to deal with but must be dealt with in order to get to the root of the problem so it can be addressed. The next time a challenge is brought to your attention, visualize the iceberg and know that you are seeing just a small amount of information necessary to create a plan of attack. Most of what you need to know, you cannot see. Sometimes it’s been pushed deep below. So don your wetsuit and prepare to see what culprits lie below the surface.

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